Of Millstones And Deep Waters

David Virtue comments on the ongoing sexual abuse scandal:

Of course, we all have the ability to rationalize sin, but most of us would hide out of shame if we were caught. But shame has disappeared in this culture. No one is really guilty of anything; we are all victims of our DNA, mummy, daddy, our circumstances in life, "poverty made me do it", "I couldn't help myself" and so on. (Full disclosure, I've used the same arguments myself over the years, and then realized how stupid and futile they were.) Blaming others is a never ending and vicious circle.
Western culture is now fully in the hands of the Evil One and, by any definition, Satan is triumphing, his relentless push in so many directions is paying off huge with enormous dividends. Compromise the leadership and then scatter the sheep. It's working.
And it is not just the Catholic Church that is in deep trouble. Protestants of one sort or another have been caught up in sexual scandal. Consider the moral failures of mega church pastors, the most recent being Bill Hybels, and revelations in the Southern Baptist Convention -- Frank Page and Paige Patterson to name just two. And then there is the slew of 'health and wealth' prosperity preachers and their sexual daring-dos... the snake charmers of American churchianity.

Strong words. You can read the whole thing here.

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