A Tale From my Father: Miracle


I’ve written and described multiple miracles in my life – here in Forward in Christ magazine, and elsewhere. But I was reminded of something by an image of an airplane, the Comet.

The de Havilland comet was the first commercial jet aircraft and its appeal to the world traveler was unmistakable. Not just for the speed, but for the novelty of flying in a jet.

My father was scheduled to fly on such a plane with his first wife and two daughters. He told me that, at the airport, “something” made him not want to get on the plane, and they didn’t. That plane crashed on that flight.  

I am alive only because He touched my father – I am convinced of that. And it makes me wonder why.

Did He do it to save my father/wife/daughters and someone / something that will arise from them? Did He do it knowing of my future second marriage (my first marriage being childless), and my resulting return of my faith from that marriage?  Or my kids? Or their kids, or their kids, into the future somewhere? These are questions I will only know the answers to after I cross over to the world-to-come.

Still, in His infinite knowledge of space, and time, spanning from the very beginning to the very end, with a certainty had He not whispered to my father in that “small still voice” I would not be here.  And regardless of any import I or my line, or my half-sisters’ lines, may have… I am still grateful for the “I love you Daddy, excuse me, Abba” that I get from my kids. Perhaps, if He wills, I will hear Saba (Hebrew for grandfather) just as I called my maternal grandmother Sabtah.

May I be worthy of understanding, even if I only understand after I pass. And if it is my or my descendants which are the important ones, may I rise to that challenge by the example I set and the lessons I impart through my life, faith, and the journals I am writing for my children. May this be foundational in whatever He has planned for my line.

B”H. (Baruch Hashem – Blessed is The Name.)

NITZAKHON is the pen name of a capital-C conservative, Zionist Jewish once-and-future blogger based in New Hampshire.


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