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Upholding the Faith and Order of the Church
Tuesday October 17th 2017



Great Books

FC LogoForward in Christ is pleased to announce that several great Anglo-Catholic books are back in print, including The Romance of Orthodoxy by Homer Rogers and A Faith For Skeptics by John Heidt.

New titles by John Heidt, founding editor of Forward in Christ, include Life After Death and The King of Terrors and Other Essays.

 This is part of an ongoing work to make orthodox Anglo-Catholic books available again to the general public. We ask for your prayers and support.

Visit the Parish Press and John Heidt Books for information.

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Fr. Homer Rogers, sometime Professor of Pastoral Theology and longtime Rector of St. Francis Church in Dallas Texas is a legend. When people ask for a book that addresses the issues of Orthodoxy they are often told that if “The Romance of Orthodoxy” were available that this would be the book. The Parish Press is honored to be able to offer a book that has touched many lives written by a priest whose life touched even more lives.

This is an excellent adult Confirmation book or a book that can be offered to an Inquirer.






Faith For Skeptics is written for believers and unbelievers alike; for all who would like to find or increase their faith. It presents a compelling case for traditional, classical, Christianity that is all the more powerful for being nuanced and reflective. In doing so, John Heidt explores central dilemmas of the human condition, notably the problem of evil and death, and shows that orthodox, apostolic Christianity holds the key to our fulfillment and redemptive transformation as persons before God.

If you believe in God this book will deepen and increase your faith, if you do not, Faith For Skeptics will introduce you to it.






Fr. John Heidt was a scholar, a pastor, a husband, and a dad whose life had a profound effect on clergy and laity alike. This excellent book, compiled by his son, Fr. Michael Heidt, is a result of numerous requests to make Canon Heidt’s words available in book form. Fr. Heidt was greatly influenced by Fr. Austin Farrar and Fr. Homer Rogers, both heroes of his, but he himself has been and will continue to be a hero to many. In King of Terrors & Other Essays, Fr. John Heidt does that increasingly rare thing, uphold and elucidate catholic orthodoxy as seen through the lens of the Anglican tradition.

This collection of essays, articles and letters is far more than a blast, as it were, upon the trumpet of unashamed apologetic, however nuanced. It is a reflection on the nature of the Church herself, the mysteries of the faith, most notably the problem of evil, and an examination of Anglo-Catholicism. This book is a perfect book to read and reread and share with those who seek to have a glimpse into the life and mind of a scholarly Anglican.



This book delves into the great mystery of what happens to us when we die and argues for the bodily resurrection of traditional Christianity.

Fr. John Heidt is not afraid to confront the ultimate questions of heaven and hell and invites the reader to journey with him into an examination of both after considering modern skepticism, new age spirituality and Eastern mysticism. We live in a secular world organized to drive out of our minds all hope in a future life and all expectation of a new and renewed world, an ideology that makes death alone seem real and life just one meaningless task after another. We can succumb to this ideology or we can defy the world and place all our hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We can declare ourselves members of an Easter people, building a future that will last forever, living in the belief that what we do now has everlasting significance and importance, and that the most mundane tasks are of eternal value. We can live as though death is behind us and that now, in our moments of joy, we are tasting something of a new world where God is all in all.